Delta State President Welcomes Questions in Campus Open Forums

ForumDelta State University President William N. LaForge held a series of open discussion forums in the H. L. Nowell Union on campus. Separate forums were held for the groups of faculty, staff, and students, allowing the focus to be on the different interests of each sector.

LaForge welcomed participants and encouraged their questions during each event. At the staff forum, LaForge said, “I look forward to a free and open discussion with you, with all the issues on the table. All questions are invited.”

Topics of discussion ranged from marketing and budgeting to alumni support and campus facilities. LaForge also answered questions about upcoming plans, academic standards, and campus mascots.

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President to hold first open forum with students


President LaForge said early on that he wanted to engage the students of Delta State University, and he is doing just that. Bring the tough questions, the things you’ve always shied away from asking. Open floor, open discussion, and maybe even a few surprises.