Chinese students visit Delta State

Joining President LaForge are Chinese students Yujia Liu and Leyuan Liu.

Delta State’s international programs and exchange opportunities have continued to expand over the past year, and the university has hosted a number of international visitors on campus. One of the areas in which the program is growing is with our effort to build partnerships with universities in China. Last summer, Delta State hosted 10 faculty members from the Anyang Institute of Technology in the Henan Province. This summer, we are hosting two groups from China from the Henan University of Economics and Law, also located in the Henan Province in the city of Zhengzhou.

The first group of visitors includes nine students and one team leader, and they are visiting Delta State to learn more about Southern culture and to experience life as an American college student. The students are college sophomores and juniors, and there are nine accounting majors and one e-commerce major.

In other news on campus, the Delta State Youth Basketball Camp is taking place this week, and we welcome all of the young campers to campus! And, in less than one month, on August 20, Delta State students will return to campus for the fall semester. We look forward to welcoming them back for what is sure to be another exciting semester for the Green and White.

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