Fireside Chat

Joining President LaForge is Greg Korb, Director of Facilities Management for Delta State, to discuss the repaving project and other campus improvements underway.

At the President’s Cabinet Advance this past July, Delta State leaders began a discussion of ‘big-think’ issues that will lay the foundation for the collective vision and the next steps on the path of excellence for the university. The group focused on increasing academic distinction and a myriad of future projects and programs that will help determine what Delta State looks like five and ten years down the road.

Those discussions are broadening, and the Vice Presidents and those Cabinet members who report directly to the President are in the process of consulting with their respective departments to help determine how to move all of Delta State’s programs to the next level of success. Just as these ideas and programs will guide how Delta State’s academic and cultural programs evolve in the years to come, the university is also looking at how the campus itself will look in the next five to ten years. And, already a number of construction and improvement projects have been launched to enhance the campus.

The most significant projects underway right now are efforts to complete the renovation of Caylor/White-Walters Hall and a massive repaving project to repair the streets on campus. The university is also planning some renovations and repairs to the Coliseum, the renovation of Young-Mauldin Dining Hall and Zeigel Hall in the near future, and all of these projects are supported by funds that are specifically designated for renovation, repair and construction work.

In other news and events, fall exams began today on the Delta State campus, and we wish our students the best as they wrap up this semester and take a break for the holidays before returning to campus in the fall. And, make plans to join us Saturday to cheer on our men’s Statesmen swimming and diving team at the Delta State Aquatics Center for the Delta State Swimming and Diving Christmas Invitational.

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