Fireside Chat

On this edition of Fireside Chat, President LaForge discusses an organization that shows the true vitality of what it’s like to belong to the green and white nation.

The Dedicated Statesmen Association is a club that consists of dozens of highly-motivated retired faculty and staff who wish to see their beloved Alma Mater thrive. This group provides an invaluable perspective on how to bring alumni, retirees, and those who love Delta State onto campus and to gather their insights through open forums.

“Here with me today is Dr. James Robinson who retired from Delta State in 2009 but continues to teach History part-time. Through the years, Dr. Robinson has dedicated his time to bettering the university along with countless other campus improvement efforts, including the most recent Green Room Project which you see behind us,” said LaForge.

The Dedicated Statesmen Association’s mission is to uphold Delta State’s values and keep retired staff, faculty, alumni, and all lovers of green and white involved, encouraged, and informed on activities and future endeavors of the campus. Some possible areas of involvement include recruiting, budgeting, visiting Delta State University Alumni Chapters, touring high schools, helping staff an event, or keeping alumni and the community informed on all things Delta State.

“This is an outstanding group of dedicated individuals, and I thank you for spearheading their efforts Dr. Robinson.”

LaForge announces upcoming events this week. The Bologna Performing Arts Center will host the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, an entertaining blend of extraordinary talent, on Wednesday. The performance will begin at 7 p.m. For tickets, call 846-4626.

This year’s Winning The Race conference is March 30th and 31st. To engage students and faculty, a call for poster presentations was announced last month. Those poster abstract submissions are due on Thursday. The details are available on the Delta State website.

Delta State’s basketball and baseball teams play in Florida this week, so tune in to for game highlights and updates.

“Thank you for watching, and I will see you here next week for another edition of Fireside Chat.”