Game On, Team LaForge Vs. Team Nowell

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By Courtney Warren

Are you Team LaForge or Team Nowell? The town will be divided this Saturday as Delta State President Bill LaForge and Cleveland Mayor Billy Nowell partake in a friendly field day competition.

The even will take place on Nov. 16 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Bear Pen Park.

In the event of rain, the competition will be moved to Williard Samuels Gym, the City of Cleveland Parks and Recreation gym on North Chrisman Ave.

The two teams will compete in activities such as a tug-o-war, sack races, walking, throwing contests, limbo, spoon and golf ball races, hula hoop circle, football toss, bean bag toss, and more.

Nowell believes that this competition will bring out a good crowd and it confident in his team.

“I’m looking forward to people in Cleveland to come out and participate in the event.

President LaForge and I are both pretty big health nuts and I think this is a good competition to have,” said Nowell.

However, despite their long friendship, the competition and trash talking is definitely on, these two are ready to play.

“I think Team Nowell will win because there’s a lot more people who live in Cleveland that could come participate than there are people at Delta State,” he said.

However, power in numbers doesn’t seem to faze LaForge.

“First mayor Nowell conveniently relocated the competition from DSU’s walking trail to Cleveland’s Bear Pen Park. Home cooking if I’ve ever seen it.

“Next, I think he’s sandbagging and has more talent than he’s revealing. After all he has the entire city park commission staff!!!

“So I’m considering bringing out our football guys and other college athletes to show these curtly slicker types a thing or two about messing with Delta State. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it,” said LaForge.

Friendly competition is in the air and these two long time friends are ready to go head to head.

“We really just have power in the numbers—more people in the city of Cleveland. LaForge can bring on anything he can muster up and we’ll be waiting out there to see what he’s got,” added Nowell.

Friendly competition aside, the two are very excited about what this even can do for the community.

Nowell hopes that this event will be one that Delta State and Cleveland can host annually as a way to bring the town and university together.

“I think for sure this will be something we will do annually. Anything you can do to get families together to exercise to better our health the better off we are,” said Nowell.

The future of Cleveland is bright and with the mayor and DSU president working together Nowell hopes the community will continue to flourish.

“I think for many years and through all the different presidents Delta State has had we’ve had great town-gown relationships.

“I think Bill LaForge and I being former high school classmates, college classmates, and working on student government together we really know each other well and I think hopefully we’ll take the university and the town to higher places,” said Nowell.

The event is sponsored by Walk It Out Cleveland, the City of Cleveland, and the Healthy Campus/Community Initiative.

“We are excited about this weekend and hope everyone will come out and enjoy our Saturday morning together,” Nowell added.

To sign up for a team or get more info contact Krista Davis at 662-846-4567 or