Winning the Race

Joining President LaForge is Dr. Temika Simmons, co-chair of the Winning the Race conference.

Winning the Race — Delta State’s Conference on race relations — is in its sixth year, and is one of our premier events on campus each year. This year’s topic is “Millennials in Motion: Channeling the Winner Within.” Here are some numbers on one of President LaForge’s favorite events of the year.

  • The millennial generation, born between 1981 and 1996, make up nearly a quarter of the total U.S. population, 30 percent of the voting age population, and almost two-fifths of the working-age population.
  • Millennials, totaling more than 75 million, comprise the largest portion of America’s population — eclipsing the postwar baby boom generation.
  • The millennial generation, now 44 percent minority, is the most diverse adult generation in American history.
  • More than 500 people attended the Winning the Race conference last year, including students from six local high schools.

In other news on campus, the Delta State University Colloquia – Distinguished Speakers Lecture Series continues tonight. Mr. Steve Forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, will deliver a lecture focusing on, “In Money We Trust? The American Dollar and Your Everyday Life,” at 6 PM in Jobe Hall.

This month’s Café Scientifique features Dr. AHM Reza, associate professor of biology, and will take place on Wednesday from noon to 1 PM at the GIT Center in Keathley Hall. He will discuss study abroad fieldwork in Bangladesh.

In athletic news, the softball team will host West Georgia this weekend with a doubleheader starting at 2 PM on Saturday and a single game starting at noon on Sunday. Baseball also hosts West Georgia this weekend. Their doubleheader on Saturday is scheduled to begin at 1 PM and the single game on Sunday at 1 PM.

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