Fireside Chat

Welcome to this edition of Fireside Chat.

Our Delta State students are one of our largest and most valued assets – not only for the university but also for our state and nation. We have many students who are distinguishing themselves as leaders and powerful representatives of our campus.

My guest today is one of those students, Mikel Sykes. Mikel is serving his second term as president of the Delta State Student Government Association, and he is the first student in Delta State’s history to be elected as SGA President two times. He is a true ambassador for the good things going on at Delta State and recently spent some time in Washington honing his leadership skills and making connections that will help him in his time as SGA President and as he moves forward into what I am sure will be a successful and impactful career.

Mikel discusses what he learned during a summer in Washington, D.C., as well as his top objectives for his second year as SGA President and his advice for new students.

Tomorrow is the last day for Fall registration. If you are interested in furthering your education, Delta State has a lot of opportunities and options for you. Check out for more information or contact our Admissions office at 662-846-4020.
The fraternities will host their recruitment sessions this week. If you are interested in getting to know more students or want to learn more about the Greek system, contact the Office of Student Life at 662.846.4666.

Please be sure to keep in touch with the numerous events and activities taking place on campus by visiting our website Join us next week for another edition of Fireside Chat.

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