Fireside Chat

President LaForge welcomes the audience to this edition of fireside chat that covers campus updates and renovations. 

Throughout the academic year, Delta State accommodates more than 3,000 students, 600 faculty and staff, and numerous visitors. 

“Our 340-acre campus has 77 buildings, all of which must be maintained and updated over time. In an effort to preserve the past and invest in the future, Delta State works with state and elected officials to plan, preserve, repair, and renovate facilities on campus,” said LaForge. “Thanks to our friends and supporters in the Legislature as well as private gifts from loyal alumni and donors, Delta State receives funding each year for the sole purpose of assisting with the maintenance of academic buildings, auxiliary facilities—such as our residence halls and dining areas— athletics facilities, and even roads and parking lots on campus.” 

Greg Korb, Director of Facilities Management, joins LaForge to tell the audience about major projects and changes coming to campus over the next several months. He explains how these updates affect the everyday operations of campus.

“Thank you for talking with me today about our campus facilities. And, thank you to Legislators and Bureau of Buildings staff for their on-going support.”

The Delta State family appreciates the work of our maintenance and facilities crews who work hard to keep the campus safe and attractive. As we look forward to a new academic year, let’s continue to take pride in our campus, to take care of our spaces, and to do our part to keep our green and white nation looking good and going strong. 

“Thank you for joining me today. I will see you next time for another edition of fireside chat.”

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