Fireside Chat

President LaForge welcomes his guests to this edition of fireside chat.

“Each summer, groups of new students visit campus to take part in our Orientation program. This program provides recent high school graduates, as well as students transferring to Delta State from other colleges, a good opportunity to explore the campus, meet with faculty and staff, register for Fall classes, and learn about all of the services Delta State has to offer.”

Orientation also gives the parents and families of these new students the chance to see what life will be like for their sons and daughters.

LaForge is joined by two special guests, Kyla and Shelby Holcomb. Kyla and her husband Neal are Delta State alumni and strong supporters of the University, and their daughter, Shelby, plans to attend Delta State as a freshman this Fall.

Kyla tells the audience what it is like to see her relationship with Delta State come full circle–first as a student and now as a parent of a student. Shelby shares some of the things she is most excited about for this fall at Delta State.

Another exciting event is happening on campus tonight. Delta State is hosting The Band Perry through a partnership with GRAMMY Museum Mississippi at McCool Stadium at 7:30, and there’s still time to get tickets. Check our Facebook page for more information on the concert and campus announcements.

“Thank you for joining me today. I will see you next time for another edition of fireside chat.”

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