Fireside Chat

Delta State President William LaForge speaks with Delta State alum, Cleveland, Miss. native, and Fortune 50 CEO of UPS David Abney about his experience in the Delta as a student and his career venture.

“Welcome to this edition of fireside chat. I am located in the College of Business, which recently hosted the tenth annual International Business Symposium. This program has featured top-ranking international business professionals, whose knowledge and experience is renowned and spans the globe. Senior business officials from across the country come to Delta State each year to provide our students with a unique look at trends in the business world,” said LaForge.

Abney, a 1976 graduate, serves as the Chief Executive Officer for United Parcel Service — the world’s largest package delivery company. For 10 years now, David and his wife, Sherry, have sponsored the International Business Symposium on the Delta State campus. Abney was the featured speaker last April as part of the Delta State University Colloquia Distinguished Speakers Lecture Series.

“I am pleased to announce that David will serve as our Commencement Speaker in May during which time we will bestow upon him an honorary doctorate,” said LaForge.

Abney is welcomed and tells the audience about the learning opportunities offered through the International Business Symposiums. He shares how growing up in the Delta influenced his career path by instilling values like honesty and integrity and by obtaining an education in Greenwood and at Delta State.

Through UPS, Abney has traveled the world. He shares travel experiences and offers advice to students about the importance of exploring other countries and cultures.

LaForge thanks Abney for sharing his knowledge and experiences with Delta State students and notes his anticipation for celebrating his honor next month.

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