Fireside Chat

President LaForge joins students at the Mississippi Capitol for Student Legislative Day (SLD), where he talks Student Government Association President Mikel Sykes and Governmental Affairs Committee Chair Magnolia Gatlin.

SLD is sponsored by the Student Government Association’s Governmental Affairs Committee, which is responsible for informing the student body of legislative proceedings that may impact the student body. More than 70 students made the trip to Jackson for the opportunity to talk face-to-face with their Legislators about the future of higher education.

Sykes and Gatlin worked hard to organize SLD and to make sure Delta State was well represented. Sykes provides the audience an overview of the event and what it means for the student body. Gatlin discusses the messages shared with Representatives and Senators.

LaForge announces current and upcoming campus and community-wide events.

“Today is a big day on campus as the second-annual Winning The Race conference kicks off and will continue through Tuesday. Some of the keynote speakers include author Clifton Taulbert, Jennifer Stollman of the William Winter Institute, and Joe Scantlebury of the Kellogg Foundation.”

“On Wednesday, Delta State will proudly host the tenth-annual International Business Symposium. Mr. David Abney, Delta State alumnus and CEO of UPS, sponsors this event each year, which is hosted in the College of Business.”

Delta State will observe Good Friday at the end of the week, and classes will resume on Monday morning.

LaForge closes the segment with a thanks to the audiences.

“Thank you for joining me, and I will see you here next week for another edition of fireside chat.”

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