Fireside Chat

President LaForge delivers fireside chat from the Dave “Boo” Ferriss Museum and discusses the history and exhibits with University Archivist Emily Jones.

The Museum is housed in the Crawford Center, which is the facility supporting baseball games at Dave “Boo” Ferriss Field. The Museum chronicles the illustrious career of the former, long-time Statesmen head coach’s early days at Shaw High School, to a young man at Mississippi State, to the height of his career with the Boston Red Sox, to his days at the helm of his beloved Delta State program.

Visitors are welcome to the Museum at any time by appointment or one hour prior to and for the duration of any baseball game at Dave “Boo” Ferriss Field.

There are two other endeavors underway in support of Boo Ferriss.  The first is the renovation of Ferriss Field. While the planning stages are still underway, the renovation of the home of Statesmen baseball will include the installation of 800 chair back seats, a state-of-the-art press box, two skyboxes for spectators and new dugouts to provide a more comfortable game-day experience for Statesmen players and fans.

Delta State is also working to create a life-size statue in honor of Coach Ferriss, similar to our Margaret Wade statue that was recently unveiled, which will be a permanent fixture at Ferriss Field.  The University has received significant support for both of these projects; however, if you would like to contribute toward these endeavors that help pay tribute to legendary Boo Ferriss, contact the Foundation office at 662-846-4705.

LaForge closes the chat with announcements of upcoming events.

“This week, we will have a very special guest on campus as part of our Distinguished Speakers Lecture Series.  Justice Leslie King, of the Supreme Court of the State of Mississippi, will be our guest speaker, and his lecture will focus on Perspectives on Social Justice in Mississippi. Justice King is a native of Greenville, and he has had a distinguished career in both the legislative and judicial branches of government,” said LaForge.

The event is scheduled for Wed., March 4 at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium of E. R. Jobe Hall. There will be a reception in his honor immediately following the event.

The Student Government Association is hosting their spring organization fair on Thursday in the Union at 5:00 p.m. Students, come out to that event to support your groups, and get involved with your peers. Delta State is approaching spring break week, which will be March 9-13.

“Students, please travel safely and return to campus ready to finish out the rest of the semester,” said LaForge.

“Thank you for joining me, and I will see you here next week for another edition of fireside chat.”

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