LaForge visits with Cordell

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President William LaForge presents Kenny Cordell with a commemorative “Fighting Okra” baseball cap during his visit on Tuesday, December 16th. Cordell, a native of Glen Allan, is President and Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Agriculture Holdings, LLC. The company, a first-in-class agricultural retail distribution business, operates through its Sanders®, Providence Agriculture™, Performance Agriculture™, AgOne Application Services™, and Innvictis™ brands, which provides products in the areas of seed production and sales, agricultural chemical distribution, bulk handling of fertilizer, precision agriculture services and general merchandise for the farming, livestock and wildlife industries.

Cordell’s uncle, Mike Cordell, was “Mr. Delta State College” and was elected President of the Student Government Association. Mike Cordell and President LaForge attended law school together and worked in Greenville as prosecuting attorneys.

More information about Pinnacle can be found at

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