Fireside Chat

President LaForge opens this week’s chat with a welcome back from the holiday break. The topic this week is recruitment efforts

With the good news of an enrollment increase at the beginning of the semester, recruitment efforts did not stop. We have all worked together to continue to recruit new students. Departments have hosted visitors and welcomed guests. We had a record turn-out for DSU Day during Pig Pickin’ weekend sponsored by the Alumni Association. Our own students, the Delta Diplomats, have given tours of campus and talked with potential students about the great things at Delta State.

The recruitment team has been on the road all semester, in high schools and community colleges, meeting with counselors, and promoting our University. And, I have accompanied them to some of these schools to meet with students as well.

Out-of-state recruitment has been a new area of focus this semester. Messaging to out-of-state audiences has focused on the advantage we offer which is zero tuition fees for those not living in Mississippi. Delta State recently made national headlines after being featured by U.S. News & World Report online for providing the most affordable tuition option for out-of-state students. We are targeting an area in the middle of the U.S., our friends and alumni in Texas, by hosting a virtual college fair this week where our recruiters will be able to interact with students across the map.

Spencer Ashley is the coordinator of transfer recruiting and is a key player in our university recruitment efforts.

Ashley recruits some of our smartest transfer students through Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). He tells us what Phi Theta Kappa is and more about that effort and the benefits those students receive. Ashley also talks about a convention held for PTK in Orlando, FL.

Ashley tells the audience about some other things the recruitment team is doing to attract other students to transfer to Delta State. He talks about fairs and school visits as well as the implementation of the new constituent recruitment management program.

LaForge addresses the students by telling them that they are our best recruiters. He reminds them to prepare this week for the upcoming finals and to remember that the professors are here to help.

Other Events/Important Dates:

  • The University Archives is hosting a reading from “When Yellow Was Black” on Thursday at noon. The book, written by Adrienne Berard, tells the untold story of the first fight for desegregation in Southern schools.
  • Don’t forget to check out for information on the NCAA football playoffs schedule and lineup
  • For other events happening this week, please visit to view the calendar.
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