Fall Commencement at Delta State

Joining President LaForge are two of the Delta State University fall graduates.

Each December and May, our campus overflows with excitement as we congratulate another class of Delta State University graduates. It is always a very special time for not only the graduates but also for their family and friends who supported them throughout their academic careers.

This year at the Fall Commencement ceremony degrees were conferred to approximately 350 students, a group of successful graduates who are prepared to make an impact in a wide variety of careers.

Once again, our sincere congratulations to all of our graduates. You will always be a part of the Delta State family, and we wish you the very best of success.

In athletic news, the men’s basketball team faces Bethel University tomorrow night at 7 p.m. in Sillers Coliseum. Also, our swimming and diving program will host their annual Christmas Invitational meet from Saturday through Tuesday.

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New partnership for Teacher Education

Joining President LaForge is Dr. Meredith Van Namen, chair and assistant professor of teacher education at Delta State.

Delta State has a new and exciting partnership with Bell Academy in Boyle, Mississippi, which will provide teacher education students with a clinical type model that engages teacher candidates as apprentices who learn the art and skill of teaching a diverse population of students in an on-the-job fashion.

Delta State’s Department of Teacher Education developed the Practice to Profession Partnership entitled “Day-1-Ready Clinical Model” so graduates are equipped to immediately and positively impact learning for all students, including struggling learners, English Language Learners, and students with special needs. In the past, the connection between curriculum and practice has been evident in our teacher preparation program; however, this redesigned program will seek to create a seamless bond between curriculum and practice.

The candidates will participate in regular classes each week where they will receive instruction in pedagogy, and they will participate two days a week in clinical practice where they will demonstrate the use of the strategies and skills that they have learned. In addition to teaching pedagogy, strategies, skills, and knowledge, the students will receive clinical practice and instruction.

In other news on campus, the Roberts-LaForge Library is providing extended hours this week through the end of finals. It will be open until midnight each night through Thursday. Our Fall Commencement will take place on Saturday, and we congratulate our soon-to-be graduates for achieving this significant milestone. In athletic news, the men’s basketball team will play at the University of Arkansas at Monticello on Saturday at 4 p.m.

Be sure to keep up with all of the events and activities taking place at Delta State by visiting our website www.deltastate.edu.