Fireside Chat

President LaForge welcomes the audience to this edition of fireside chat.

The university-community partnerships and positive “town-gown” relations with nearby communities are a valuable part of Delta State’s mission as a regional university.

“Since becoming President of Delta State University, I have made it a priority to reach out to our surrounding communities and engage local leaders in activities taking place at Delta State.”

Toward this end, Delta State hosted its first Mayors’ Summit last summer. Mayors from the counties of Bolivar, Coahoma, Leflore, Sunflower, and Washington, which are home to 38 of our Delta towns, joined LaForge and other university leaders to discuss new and meaningful ways that Delta State could work to support their communities as the Mayors and their constituents continue to support Delta State.

“I was encouraged by the dialogue that took place and the desire of our Delta area mayors to work together for the betterment of our region. To continue these partnerships, mayors from the surrounding areas will join me on campus in a couple of weeks for the second Mayors’ Summit.”

For this year’s meeting, the focus of discussion will be on plans and topics for Delta State’s third annual Race Relations Conference, which will take place in Spring 2016.  Delta State is committed to leading conversations about race relations and helping to build stronger communities.

“To achieve this, we want to gather the ideas and input from our local leaders on suggested topics where we should focus our efforts to assist the communities we serve with this important dialogue.  Dialogue between our municipal and university leaders is just one-step towards a more prosperous and healthy Mississippi Delta.”

Delta State University strives to be an active participant in the development of the region, a model of good corporate citizenship with regional businesses and organizations, and the leader in the development of the educational community within the region by creating programs specific to individuals and surrounding communities. Delta State proudly boasts more than 450 campus partnerships with regional organizations, and it’s these partnerships—and the ones celebrated with local leaders—that allow Statesmen students to experience the value of a good education.

“As fall semester nears, be sure to keep in touch with events and activities taking place on campus by visiting our website”

“Thank you for joining me today. I will see you next time for another edition of fireside chat.”

Fireside Chat

President William LaForge hosts this edition of fireside chat from the Delta Music Institute summer camp.

Delta State continues to hosts a diverse range of summer camps, from art and music to athletics and recreation.

“Our Delta Music Institute was recently filled with high school students attending a six-day interactive experience to explore three entertainment industry career tracks, which include audio engineering, band performance, and songwriting.”

This is the ninth year for the DMI Camp–attracting youth from states as close as Alabama and as far as Minnesota, Pennsylvania and California. The camp concluded with a recording and showcase performance in the Bologna Performing Arts Center where campers received the full experience of being on stage.

Amber Foster, an instructor for the camp and current Delta Music Institute student tells the audience about her experience as a counselor and how the experience gained as an instructor aids in coursework in the DMI program.

Also joining is the chat is DMI camper Anna Vaughn Stewart to share why she chose to come to DMI’s summer camps and what has been her favorite part about being here.

“The quality of programming offered during the summer and throughout the academic year supports our standard of excellence as a regional university of national distinction.”

For more information about this camp or other camps at Delta State, visit our website at

“Thank you for joining me today. I will see you next time for another edition of fireside chat.”