Fireside Chat

This edition of Fireside Chat discusses the Hill Demonstration School, housed primarily in the Hill Building, which was one of the three original buildings on Delta State’s campus. It was in the Hill Building that Delta State’s first classes were taught in 1925 and where Delta State graduated its first class in 1928.

The Hill Demonstration School was founded by Laurie Doolittle under the leadership of Dr. William Kethley at Delta State Teachers College and was an integral part of the teacher education program at Delta State for 30 years. It opened for grades one through six in 1926, with kindergarten classes added in 1929. This laboratory-style school had an initial enrollment of 25 and its purpose was to help educate future teachers, as well as to provide quality education for children in the surrounding area. HDS closed in April of 1957.

Recently, the Delta State University Alumni Association hosted a Hill Demonstration School Reunion at the Hugh Ellis Walker Alumni House. More than 125 participants attended the reunion and half of those traveled from out-of-state. A piece of their weekend involved the unveiling of a Mississippi Historical Marker recognizing the Hill Demonstration School.

Two featured guests are part of this filming — Jeffrey Farris, director of Alumni Affairs, and John Lewis, a 1961 graduate of the Hill Demonstration School.

Farris discusses how the idea came about to unveil the historic marker for HDS on Delta State’s campus. The location of the marker is centered almost between where Hardee and Hill halls were located.

John Lewis discusses his fondest memory of attending the demonstration school. He also explains how HDS teachers had a lasting impact on his life.

Other Events/Important Dates:

· Tonight and tomorrow night at 7 p.m. in Jobe Auditorium, the Department of Language and Literature is sponsoring the “Diversity in Performance Series.” Contact Noah Lelek at 662-846-4090 for more information.

· On Oct. 29 at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. the BPAC will show “We the People” a musical revue that brings American civics lessons to life. The show is part of the BPAC’s School-Time Matinee Series. For more information, contact the BPAC at 662-846-4844

· On Oct. 30 from 2-4 p.m. the Career Services Department will host a Career Discovery Fair. This fair is for all majors at Delta State. For more information about the event, contact Davlon Miller at 662-846-4646.

· The Statesmen football team will play at home this weekend, Nov. 1 at 6 p.m. taking on the University of North Alabama. Come out to Travis E. Parker Field/Horace McCool Stadium to support the green and white or tune in to to listen to the game.

Fireside Chat

President LaForge hosts another Fireside Chat to discuss U.S. military active duty members and veterans. Currently at Delta State, there are 113 students using the GI Bill to pay for tuition.

“We take pride in supporting our military and encouraging them to earn their degree,” said LaForge. “In fact, we have a bronze, tree-shaped plaque located in the atrium of Jobe Hall that bears the names of veterans — which include alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of Delta State University — who have served in any branch of the military.”

LaForge hosts Delta State alumnus Major General Thomas Moore, a native of Scott, Miss., and a 1982 graduate under the Degree Completion Program.

Moore was inducted into the Delta State University Alumni Association Hall of Fame and named the Outstanding Alumnus of the Year in 2010. His illustrious career with the United States Marines began in October of 1972.

Toward the end of his tour he was selected for the rank of Brigadier General and served multiple tours as a general officer. After retiring as Acting Deputy Commander of the U.S. Central Command, and amassing an impressive collection of personal decorations, Moore and his wife Lee Ann, also a Delta State alumnus, relocated to Columbus, where he is vice president of marketing, working unmanned aerial systems for Stark Aerospace.

General Moore speaks about his experiences at Delta State and how it has been influential in his life. He discusses how Delta State prepared him for leadership duties with the Marines.

There are many programs that provide financial support to active duty members of the military and veterans who are interested in attending Delta State. Some of these programs include: The Montgomery GI Bill, Post 9/11 GI Bill, REAP program, VEAP program and Top Up.

For more information about these resources, go online to and click on the Education and Training tab to the left of the page, or contact the Delta State registrar’s office at 662-846-4040 to receive more information.

Other Events/Important Dates:

· Today from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on the first floor of the Student Union, the Student Nurses Association is signing people up for the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency’s (MORA) Donor Challenge, an annual statewide outreach effort to increase awareness of the need for organ and tissue donation on college campuses, while securing donor designations.

· Oct. 21 from 7-9 p.m. the “Mississippi Humanities Council: Teach Award Lecture” will be held in the Wright Art Gallery. For more information, contact Dr. Paul Hankins at 662-846-4615.

· The Miss DSU Pageant will be held on Oct. 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the BPAC. For more information about this event, contact Linda Ross at 662-846-4669.

· On Oct. 24-25 the Archives Department will host the MS Delta Chinese Heritage Museum Homecoming. This program, entitled “Delta Chinese: Reflections & Reunion,” will feature a day of lectures led by such scholars as Dr. Gwen Gong, Susie Tonymon, Adrienne Berard (Archives Scholar in Residence), Ted Gong and Dr. John Jung. For more information, contact Archives at 662-846-4780.

· The Statesmen football team will travel to Livingston, Ala. to play the University of West Alabama at 6 p.m. on Oc. 25. Tune in to to listen to the game and cheer on the green and white.