Fireside Chat

Delta State President William LaForge discusses some career services available on campus with Davlon Miller, director of career services.

Statesmen Connect is an exciting new service available for the campus and community this fall that will not only benefit our current students but also business owners and employers. The system is an innovative way for students to connect with employers to find jobs and gain out-of-classroom experience.

Miller has led the development of the online system and tells the audience how hiring a Statesmen is now easier than ever. He explains that Statesmen Connect is an online service that allows employers to post jobs and register for career fairs. Students can log on to Statesmen Connect to view all of the most recent job listings and apply for jobs. They will receive snapshots of recent job postings via OkraMail. The jobs available are not only jobs for after graduation, but there are jobs for right now.

Students and employers can access the site by visiting and stay connected with updates by following the Twitter and Facebook accounts.

An off-campus, work-study program called Okra Works has been developed over this past year. The program is similar to campus work-study, but it provides funds for students to be able to apply to their tuition as well as involves a stipend for the work being done with area businesses. Students will work about 15 hours per week throughout the course of a semester to gain hands-on experience with a financial benefit.

LaForge speaks about the Statesmen Football team, which kicks off the season Saturday on the road at Fort Valley State University in Georgia at 1 p.m. Fans are able to tune in to for live stats and audio.

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Students are back!

With the excitement of the new school year under way, President LaForge enjoys catching back up on time with students on campus.

RUF Cookout4


LaForge ar Airport

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Seeking opportunity

President LaForge continues his efforts to better Delta State University through partnerships and new opportunities.

Lunch with Coopwood and Stolle 4

Expanding possibilities of Blues outreach at lunch with Scott Coopwood and Roger Stolle of Clarksdale


Jimmy Sanders Board Room 5

Spreading the Delta State green at Jimmy Sanders

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